Psilocybe atlantis (Magic Mushrooms)

Psilocybe atlantis (Magic Mushrooms)

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Buy Psilocybe atlantis online at competitive rates. This mushroom has a brownish stipe which is about 5 cm tall and .3 cm thick. It has scales prominently toward the bottom of the stipe and grows into a 4 cm cap. It has a pleasant taste and smell. While naturally rare it is often cultivated for its psychedelic properties. The cap is smooth with a reddish brown surface and the entire mushroom bruises blue where damaged. The only record of this mushroom is found in grassy lawns and vacant lots in Fulton County, Georgia, with small reports in forested areas inhabited by farm animals in Central Arkansas. The fruiting is generally in cooler temperatures like the fall. It is named after its location which is near Atlanta, Georgia.

The Psilocybe Atlantis hardly occurs in the wild, but thanks to our years of experience in cultivation, it is now available to everyone. It has a taste and flavour which most people find more attractive than that of other truffles. The trip is also experienced as special because it is more ‘visual’ than the rest. These magic truffles really come into their own when consumed alone or with just the two at a quiet spot in nature.

Psilocybe Atlantis is firmly identified with the Mexicana, however, more grounded. Otherwise called the ‘Products of Utopia,’ the Atlantis is noted for the clarity of its visual impacts; lovely and loaded with shading this has driven them to be supported by some very experienced shroomer. This truffle assortment likewise has a taste and fragrance that many discover more engaging than other varieties.

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