GHB Pills (1000mg pills, 48 Pills Per Pack)

GHB Pills (1000mg pills, 48 Pills Per Pack)

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Buy GHB Pills Online
Order GHB Pills OnlineIf you want to buy GHB pills online but you are not very sure which form of GHB to purchase, we highly recommend the pills because they are very easy to understand the dosage and to take. If you are getting GHB for date rape purposes, the pill also is the most effective because it is easier to drop into a bottle or glass of drink than GHB powder or GHB liquid. Don’t be afraid of being caught. GHB Pills take just two seconds to fully dissolve in a glass or bottle of drink. We also offer GHB Liquid and GHB Powder.

GHB Pills Dosage
Each pill of GHB is 1,000mg (or 1g). This is equivalent to 2ml of GHB Liquid since our standard concentration is 0.5g/ml (or 500mg/ml). Following our recommended dosage, this implies

Light dose = 1 tablet.
Common = 2 tablets.
Strong dose = 3 tablets.

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