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Chloral Hydrate Capsules (48 Capsules Per Pack)

Chloral Hydrate Capsules (48 Capsules Per Pack)

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Order Chloral Hydrate Capsules Online
Order Chloral Hydrate Capsules online at affordable rates and have it delivered to you between 24-72 hours at any location worldwide. Chloral hydrate is a sedative sometimes used to treat insomnia and anxiety, or before and after surgery. Both the capsule and liquid forms of chloral hydrate are sometimes used to facilitate sexual assault. Capsules  of chloral hydrate are often stolen from pharmacies, while the liquid form can be created from common household chemicals.

CHLORAL HYDRATE (klor al HI drate) is used for the short-term treatment of insomnia. This medicine may also be used to decrease anxiety or make you sleep before a procedure or test. It also helps prevent or treat some of the symptoms caused by alcohol withdrawal.

Chloral Hydrate Capsules have a slight bitter taste.This drug’s sedating effects are much stronger when combined with alcohol. Effects appear 15-30 minutes after the drug is administered and can last several hours. 

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